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Team of Two

Canine Training

Building a positive relationship between your dog and you...

In home training

About Us...

And What We Offer...

About the Trainer...

Helen Petyerak, owner, and trainer of Team of Two Canine Training has her certification from the Animal Behavior College, and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Seeing Eye Foundation.

Helen does animal behavior consultations and lessons for LVAH and VCA Animal Hospitals in Pen Argyl and Bethlehem, Pa. She also writes informative articles for the Slatebelt Town Topics,

Committed to providing solutions to her clients needs, Helen actively pursues continuing education by attending seminars yearly, keeping current with industry literature, actively participating in hands on workshops and using her own dogs to understand and study the interactions between other dogs and humans.

Today, the most modern training theories used suggests that reinforcing good behavior with rewards and praise is much more successful than the outdated training methods once used, such as verbal abuse, leash yanking, and physical punishment. This type of forceful handling left many dogs psychologically damaged and insecure. Some even became aggressive to their owners.

Positive reinforcement (i.e., giving the dog a reward in the form of praise ,food, play, or toy when it responds to a behavior you ask for or like) has shown to be the most effective way to train a dog because it increases the likelihood of that behavior being repeated. Thus, a relationship is built on trust and respect rather than intimidation and fear.

Through simple, easy to learn techniques, Helen teaches dog/human interaction. Specific unwanted behaviors are replaced with acceptable behaviors. A dog that is given constant guidance grows up to be a confident dog. A confident dog is a well balanced dog. Family members that work together enforcing rules and boundaries together, create a happy home with a dog that is a joy to live with.

Helen's greatest joy is watching her canine students transform into well mannered, respectful, fun loving family dogs.

When not training, Helen volunteers her time at nursing homes, schools, and children hospitals with the help of her black lab, Oakley.  

Oakley, is an English Lab, a canine good citizen, a therapy dog, and a perfect example of a well mannered, well balanced dog. Oakley charms everyone she meets with her sweet, and gentle disposition. As a certified therapy dog, Oakley brings love to the nursing homes, and giggles to the children hospitals and elementary schools.

You may even get to meet Oakley at a training session!

What we offer...

Problem Behaviors and Aggressive Behaviors

Barking, lunging, growling, resource guarding, jumping, nipping, and destructive chewing are just some of the unwanted behaviors families live with.

Unintentionally, these behaviors are learned and reinforced due to a lack of communication between dog and owner. When left untreated, some behaviors turn into aggression.

Working together, owners will learn how to improve their handling and communication skills with their dog and with each other. Tackling the underlying problem, understanding it, and replacing it with positive reward based training methods will make your home a happy home.

Each lesson is one to two hours long and the number of sessions will depend on the dog and the behavior/s that need to be addressed. Every dog learns at a different pace.

Puppy Prep, Rescue Prep In-Home Sessions

Bringing a new dog into your home is a life-changing decision. A new dog brings a variety of adjustments and challenges. Whether it is your first pet or one of many pets, being prepared is key. Every dog is different and responds differently in a new environment.

This session will help you prepare for your new puppy, rescue or adult dog before they come home or when they first arrive. Being one step ahead with knowledge, understanding, and awareness will smooth the transition immeasurably.

Puppy Kindergarten In-Home Sessions

If there was only one class to take, this would be it. 8 weeks to 5 months is the most critical time in a dogs' life. Start training early, not late. As soon as puppy comes home your work has begun.

Building a foundation for puppy, and knowing how to build that foundation is key.

I teach my teams how to do that. Owners learn how to handle and communicate with their dog along with learning the keys for successful training.

Socialization skills, confidence building, housebreaking, puppy proofing, crate training, and basic obedience (sit, stay, down, leave it, loose leash walk and come) are all included. Unwanted behaviors are addressed as soon as they start. There is always lots of time for Q&A. This time is all yours!

With weekly sessions, we tackle it all and get it all done. Sessions are tailored to meet you and your pup's needs.

Inquire about our 5 week package, My Best Puppy.

Inquire about our single sessions

Adult Basic and Rescue Basic

In-Home Sessions

This session is for older puppies/rescues, and adult dogs. These sessions are great for puppies continuing their education, or for the new rescue or dog that never had the opportunity to go to school or forgot their good manners.

Sit, stay, down, leave it, come, wait, and loose leash walk are all included. Lots of Q&A time. All behavior issues are addressed. Lessons are 1 hour and tailored to your needs. This time is all yours!

Single sessions available

Inquire about our 5 week package, My Best Dog